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Court of Protection

Our Private Client Team specialises in Court of Protection matters, and has extensive experience in preparing both short form bills (for profit costs of £3,000 or less) and detailed bills for assessment; whether it is the costs of appointing a Deputy, the Deputy’s annual general management costs, or the costs of a statutory will application.

We also advise on the outcome of assessments by the Senior Courts Costs Office and whether it is worth appealing the same.

We can also advise with regard to the completion of the recently introduced form OPG105, and the calculation of the estimated costs in the next reporting period required in section 3 of the form.

  • Short form Bills
  • Detailed Bills for Assessment
  • Costs of Appointing a Deputy
  • Annual General Management Bills (which are short form or Detailed Bills)
  • Estimates of Costs with Form OPG105
  • Statutory Will Applications
  • Advising on outcomes of assessments at SCCO


We regularly prepare bills in non-contentious probate matters. Solicitors may not normally consider instructing Costs Draftsmen to cost their probate files, however we find we often achieve a higher level of profit costs than expected by solicitors who often underestimate the time they have actually spent on the file. We also prepare bills and advise on contentious probate and Inheritance Act claims, where difficulties have occurred and disputes have arisen.

  • Non-contentious Probate – Solicitor Own Client Bills
  • Contentious Probate Bills & Costs Budgets
  • Inheritance Act Claims


  • Private Divorce Costs



VE v AO & Ors [2020] EWCOP 23

This matter involved an application by VE for an order that it was in her mother’s (P’s) best interests to be allowed to leave the care home in which she was residing. This was a an extremely urgent matter in view of P’s terminal cancer and the risk of contracting Covid 19, the judge made […]

BP v Surrey County Council & Anor [2020] EWCOP 17

This was an urgent application by P’s daughter seeking P’s discharge from the care home where he is presently living, and a declaration that it is in his best interest to be returned to his home with an appropriate package of support. P, who is 83 years of age, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in […]

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Widening the application for the electronic Bill of Costs

In a recent ACL roundtable meeting Master Gordon-Saker suggested that the natural progression for Court of Protection matters from mandatory electronic filing at the beginning of 2020 would be for Bills of Costs to be submitted in the electronic format. The current electronic Bill of Costs is currently only mandatory in Part 7 Multi-track cases […]

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